About Us

Welcome to St. Anthony!

St. Anthony is a congregated setting that offers students an individualized program that supports their exceptional needs.  

Please note that enrolment is reserved for special needs students throughout the Calgary Catholic School District under Instructional Services. For more information, please contact the school.

Our Vision
St. Anthony is a safe and supportive learning community that provides a therapeutic and Catholic education environment; one that embraces God, supports family, and celebrates individuality.

St. Anthony School Commitment
St. Anthony provides:

  • A safe and caring learning environment
  • Integrated programming for grades 1-12
  • Small classroom size
  • Individualized Learner Support and Safety Plans
  • Family advocacy and partnership
  • Support for students to reach individually identified goals
  • Extensive supports - each classroom has: a teacher, a Classroom Support Worker (support behavioural programming) and several complex needs educational assistants (support program delivery)
  • A central location within Calgary
  • Safe transportation to and from school
  • A school based Psychologist
  • Dedication to augmented communication (Touch Chat) under SLP guidance
  • A Diverse Learning Coordinating Teacher to support learners and teachers with programming

About Our Patron Saint
A native of Lisbon, Portugal, Anthony was just a child when he decided to devote his life to serving God. At age fifteen he became an Augustinian brother and shortly after performed one of his first miracles, curing a man who was possessed by the devil.

Though he hoped to become a martyr for the Catholic faith, Anthony instead became one of the church’s greatest teachers. He went to Italy and met St. Francis, joining the Franciscan order of monks in 1221. Anthony’s ability to speak with great passion about God attracted large crowds. When he spoke in Padua, the entire city assembled to hear him. He possessed a loud, clear voice, a friendly manner and a powerful memory. Like St. Francis, Anthony had a special reverence for God’s works in nature. He once was seen standing on a riverbank preaching to a school of fish that appeared to be listening in rapture.
Anthony performed many miracles. When he was preaching outdoors in a thunderstorm, not one person was touched by a drop of water. Another time, a group of heretic tried to kill Anthony and served him a meal of poisoned food. Anthony made the sign of the cross over the food and ate it without suffering any harm. In the town of Padua, a young man who had cut his foot off approached Anthony with the foot and the saint rejoined the foot and leg.
Anthony died at the age of thirty-six of illness. Today, he is known as the finder of lost articles and the patron saint of the poor.